Non-material gifts for knitters/crocheters

Let's face it, the country's landfills don't need any help from us. So here are some ideas for pleasing your stitcher while leaving a smaller "sockprint."

1. Make a donation to Heifer International in your knitter's name. While sheep are going for $120 this year, a flock of geese is only $20.

2. Give the gift of knowledge. A gift certificate to your stitcher's favorite LYS for an advanced class or project course will keep her brain and fingers active.

3. Give him an earful. As knitters, we often get behind in our reading. How about a gift certificate for a MP3 book from Audible?

4. Or for those who like to watch...a Netflix subscription?

5. Cook dinner for your knitter. The evening meal cuts into knitting time in a big way. Make a couple of meals for your knitter. Or send her to a meal-prep kitchen where she can whip up eight meals in two hours.

6. Work him over. A massage for tight neck, shoulder and arm muscles will get you hugs and kisses.

7. Send her to Stitches West. Better yet, the Jane Thornley Knitaly Tour to Tuscany!

8. Adopt some love. Puppies are always good. Here's what my mother got for her holiday gift!

Meet Emily. She's already getting the hang of knit-napping.

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December 3. 2008 11:59



I think you said some other interesting stuff in your post, but I can't remember what it was now. I am struck stupid by cuteness.


Kitt |

December 3. 2008 14:11


Since you sent her photo yesterday, I cannot stop thinking about Emily. She is seriously CUTE. So much so, I'd even take a shower and come down the mountain just to kiss her.

If you mom wants to blog about her, let me know. If not, I'm probably going to blog about her myself, next week.

Roxanne |

December 3. 2008 18:02


Cute, more cute and supercute. What a darling. And when are you getting YOUR little puppy??

Susan |

December 3. 2008 21:27

Deborah Robson

Your mother is a primo person, and that looks like the perfect primo puppy for her. I am so pleased on her behalf!

Deborah Robson |

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