Knit for Brains

Brains have been much on our minds, given the tumble-down state of aging cerebra in the Nake-id gene pool, a concern that inspires yours truly to lard her morning porridge with coconut oil and stalk Dr. Grain Brain's blog. (Do y'all think gluten's the zombie apocalypse in grain form?) Are avocados the new kale? Should we load up our java with pasture-raised butter? Are carbs the new fats?

It's enough to make a girl make a diet of Tootsie Pops and red wine.

Joking aside, there are things about the way we live and eat, which are clearly amiss. Too much sitting. Too many digital screens. Too little face time with peeps. Too much fake food. And while it's easy to figure out that exercise is a good thing, the question of what to eat to benefit our grey matter seems to be more a matter of opinion than science. But do we have the time for science?

Meanwhile, the Clover Wonder Knitter aided and abetted in the creation of lobes pictured above--a fabulous pattern by med student Alana Noritake. Hard to believe, you can purchase fully realized versions on Etsy for about $30. Lined even. I wouldn't tack down all that I-cord again for $1,000. Like sewing spaghetti to the wall.

Anyhoo, it's done and fun! Hope your brains are having a glorious day.


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