Free knitting pattern: Egg cozy

For a little background: I was looking for an image that would say food and knitting, since these are the things I natter on about, and was delighted to find the above image from

Not that there's been a hue and cry--definitely more hue than cry--but there have been requests for the stocking cap pattern in my banner.

Eggs + watch cap--Get it food and knitting?

In my mind, though, the most successful image combining yarn and a meal was Karin's March 2009 cover for Yarn Market News. Scroll down to see the spaghetti and meatballs. Makes you want to tuck right in.  And Berroco's fabulous knit beet is enough to inspire a summer's worth of roasted root salads.

But here we have our huevos. So when a request came in for the hat pattern, well, it was high time to design one. (Incidentally, an egg cozy--or cosy--is used to keep boiled eggs warm until one is ready to dine.)


Nake-id Stocking Cap Egg Cozy

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, 1 skein, Blue Blood Red 

Needles: Size 8 US, 32" circular or size 8 DPNs

Gauge: 20 sts in k1,p1 pattern = 4"


CO 20. Join in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker.

Row 1 and all subsequent rows: K1, p1.

Repeat pattern until hat is 3.5" long.

Decrease row 1: K2tog around--10 sts.

Decrease row 2: K2tog around--5 sts.

Finishing: Cut yarn leaving 8-inch tail. Thread tapestry needle through tail then pick up live stitches with tapestry needle and cinch closed. Weave in ends. Make and attach pom-pom.

Boil eggs. Enjoy!



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January 14. 2010 09:41


The egg cosy is adorable. But do most people in the U.S. even have egg cups?

The Yarn Market News covers are spectacular!! I am sending them to a designer who works with Skip. She'll love them!!

Susan |

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