10 gifts for knitters under $10

Great gifts for knitters under $10

  1. This gorgeous shawl pin!
  2.  Babysitting. Hie thee to a friend’s house, so they can go knittin’ minus the minis.
  3.  Square bangle bracelets from the ever-popular Sassafras Creations.
  4.  A knitting-themed rubber stamp that reads, “Knit your heart with an unslipping knot.”
  5. A donation to Heifer International.

6.     Revlon CustomEyes embossed with knit stitches. Girly, fun and requires no finishing. (Courtesy of the Yarn Market News FB page.)
7.     Fiber care gift tags from NM vendor kNotesforkNitters.
8.     Uber-clever knitting instructions key chain!
9.     Knitting Macbook decal.

10. A pattern from Ravelry or Twist Collective.

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