Wednesday Miscellany

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Wednesday Miscellany, so how ‘bout it?

1. 20 yarmulkes down. 10 to go.

2. Knit for the Cure was featured on TV. Check out the web cast.

3. Early reports indicate that the newest Vogue Knitting On the Go title is a must have. I dying to get my hands on Shawls. Gotta have something to do once the yarmulkes are done.


4. Stitch ‘N Pitch? Finally, someone’s thought to combine two of America’s favorite couch-potato past-times—needle arts and baseball. Sponsored by TNNA, the Stitch ‘N Pitch games are being held all over the country. Go cheer your favorite team and bring your knitting. You’ll need it. After all, America’s favorite past-time is about as interesting as watching paint dry.


Afghan update

Behold…knitting content!

  Afghanyarn                Comfortghan                 Afghan2

Look, the afghan has gone from this to this to this and now to…this!


So far, it’s the product of six lovely ladies. Amazing how fast these grow when everybody pitches in. Thanks to all. Our goal is October! (We're doing a modified Great American Aran Afghan in Plymouth Encore.)


Mo-blogging from Oakland’s beautiful Lauryl District here:

In case you haven’t heard, VK was named in the Chicago Trib’s 50 Top Magazines list. A coup for the wonderful staff at Soho Publishing—and for the knitting industry.OK, so it was #50, still pretty cool for a nichey pub.

Check out the list:

 Chicago Tribune's 2006 list of top 50 magazines are:

    1.  The Economist
    2.  Dwell
    3.  Wired
    4.  The New Yorker
    5.  ESPN the magazine
    6.  Esquire
    7.  Consumer Reports
    8.  Blender
    9.  Gourmet
    10. The Atlantic
    11. Men's Vogue
    12. Cook's Illustrated
    13. Cottage Living
    14. Mother Jones
    15. Men's Health
    16. Harper's
    17. Interview
    18. VegNews
    19. Lucky
    20. Conceive
    21. French Vogue
    22. New York Magazine
    23. Vanity Fair
    24. Giant
    25. O. The Oprah Magazine
    26. PC Magazine
    27. Vogue
    28. Spin
    29. Time/Newsweek
    30. Self
    31. Whole Dog Journal
    32. Saveur
    33. Essence
    34. Parents
    35. Fine Homebuilding
    36. Baseball America
    37. Reason
    38. Domino
    39. Lincoln Lore
    40. LensWork
    41. Chicago
    42. Bark
    43. Psychotherapy Networker
    44. Everyday Food/Monthly
    45. World Soccer
    46. Twins
    47. Blueprint
    48. W
    49. Wisconsin Trails
    50. Vogue Knitting

Crochet: A contact sport


Yarnbol: The World Cup

To keep myself from going mad from all the yarmulkes, I started a crochet shrug (free pattern from the Craft Yarn Council) in Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. Though I’ve impugned shrugs in the past, they make a great beginner project as they introduce increases, decreases and gauge. The likelihood of my wearing it remains a question, but it will certainly flatter cousin Stephanie, whose birthday is today.

To listen to you people, one would think crochet speeds along like greased kittens, but that has not been the case. There’s been rippage and the usual swearing. But for all that, it could be uglier. Couldn’t it? 

Notes from the Underground

OK, not exactly. It was actually a lovely Saturday morning in a Denver coffeehouse, not St. Petersberg in the depths of winter. And I carted my laptop to the cafe, hoping the change of scenery would provide a tonic for the tired prose I’ve been grinding out.

When I bought my first laptop, I had romantic notions of writing in cafes or whiling away long afternoons in the park, having my way with the language. This isn’t what happens. Unless one is completely bohemian, writing in public means bathing, and bathing means time, prime writing time when one could be making deadlines instead of looking decorously baleful and sipping coffee at the hip joint down the street.

But this was the weekend, so I packed everything up, including my bags of notes and books and ancillary wires, and, so as to appear civil, I bathed. I was ready to rumble. But to my horror, two young men were playing acoustic music at the cafe. I’m not a member of the I-pod generation. I don’t write to music. I write in silence. Or to the screaming of cats.

Resigned, I chose a small table away from the crowd and started. The music was nice and easily tuned out. I looked at my assignments; they must have doubled in the night. Despairing I bought a $3 white tea and while waiting to complete the transaction, noticed this flyer on the bulletin board:

Posh Yarn Boutique to open June 24. 4420 Tennyson St. A yarn shop. In my neighborhood. Walking distance, people. A short bikeride. Suddenly I had energy to write for days.

It’s the little things that get you through.



Knit for the Cure, anyone?

Calling all Mile High Knitters:

Monday, Mom and I and Susan, another Lady of the Lamb, drove to Granby to visit Lonesome Stone Natural Fiber Mill to witness the shearing of some alpacas who are “donating” their fleece to Knit for the Cure. Check it out.


Meet Mojito

As you can see, Mojito was none too thrilled with the proceedings, but certainly looked cooler after his haircut.

Though Handsome up there isn’t a Knit-for-the-Cure donor, a number of the Grand County alpacas—and their human friends—have generously given the shirts off their backs—so to speak—in order that Lonesome Stone can spin its wonderful three-ply sport weight for the Knit for the Cure shawls.

Here’s how it works: Volunteer knitters will receive a 400–yard skein of either black or white yarn that they will knit into this pretty lace shawl. (Not to worry, the pattern’s easy, even the lace-impaired at Chez Nake-id Knits can do it.) The shawls will then be sold at the Lamb with 100 percent of the proceeds going to benefit the Denver Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

To volunteer as a shawl knitter, email Jeannie at and include your name and email in the body of the message. Jeannie will be distributing yarn on June 17 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Recycled Lamb. Linda and Marv from Lonesome Stone will also be on hand with their baby alpacas.

Can't make it? Then stream it. Our local NBC affiliate is running a story about the Lamb/Lonesome Stone charity spin-and-knit on June 16.

Wanna see the finished shawl?

Knit for the Cure

Full disclosure: I am totally affiliated with The Lamb; Mom works there. I teach there. Got a soft spot, what can I say?


The Devil Wears Fur


I may look like a cute little kitty, but I’m really Satan. I’m successfully driving my human minions insane by sucking on their backs, toes, armpits and noses. 5 a.m. is my favorite time to do this. Sometimes the female minion hides under the sheets; she thinks she can escape me. I just jump from her head to her stomach then onto her face. She screams sometimes. I think it’s working.

Right now I’m plotting to put Stanley in a headlock and tumble him off the bed. Then I’ll have dominion over this comforter. Next stop, the world!

Garden porn

All you knitters with your tour-worthy gardens and blooms, check out Chez Nake-id:


Nake-id of of grass, don’t you mean?

Betweent the drought, an unfortunately placed Russian Olive and draconian water conservation measures, our lawn is no more. Mitch is engaging in serious grass mitigation—it’s going bye-bye—so we can go xeric. Pray for us. We are very poor farmers.


I just have one word for today—ursprache.

Who else loved the fact that the National Spelling Bee was televised live during prime time?