Knitaway goodies, part II

At some level, knitters are material girls and boys. It's not like we're sitting on mountaintops seeking enlightenment; if we were, we'd be finishing that shrug moldering in the closet since 2006 and casting on a hat for the bald guy next to us, clearly shivering in the wind. We bring things to bear. That's what we do.

That Cheryl had door prizes for everyone (the jewelry-like stitch markers in the foreground for La Nake-id), goody bags (Yarn Lover's Lotion from Arvada, Colorado, a clever reusable ChicoBag, chocolate, and tourist information for the out-of-towners) and a yarn crawl planned (Knit Knack, The Recycled Lamb, Showers of Flowers and Fancy Tiger) made perfect sense--and everyone really happy.

Given recent purchases, I was restrained as we yarn crawled through the city: A sock monkey kit from Fancy Tiger, a copy of the new Knit.Wear magazine from Knit Knack and a heaping skein of Cheryl's own organic merino dyed an inky purple (just right of Stanley in the photograph).

Oh, and Wendy, one of the lovely Knitawayers, brought skincare samples from her day job working for a medical esthetics clinic. (A girl after my own heart!)

Stanley, the house bodhisattva, is trying not to pass judgment but rather inspire the Nake-id Knitter to higher things.

Scenes from the Crestone Music Festival

We've wanted to attend the Crestone Music Festival for years and this past weekend finally made it happen.

If you've never visited Crestone in the San Luis Valley, imagine Boulder distilled into a community of about 1,000, only more so. The per capita ratio of fruitatarians, crystal collectors and psychics has to be the highest in the country.

The town's story is a long one (this piece in the New York Times explains it). Suffice it to say, this tiny mountain town draws spiritual seekers, visionaries, gurus, New Age warriors and paranormal investigators of all stripes. Seriously, you can't swing a cat without hitting a massage therapist.

Crest Fest itself is a three-day, multi-culti extravaganza held on the golf course outside town under the glowering Sangre de Cristos. Featuring local, regional, national and international acts, the music was wildly eclectic. Saturday, for example, swung from Scottish Gaelic and Middle Eastern belly dancing and Cajun to Klezmer, Taiko drumming and African-inspired world fusion.

Nake-id IT, who's been known to shake it with the tribal dancers, boogied with a hula hoop. Actually, the hula hoop boogied with him.

The Taiko drummers played in the aftermath of a brief but dramatic windstorm.

The music went into the evening, finishing with the great American soul band, Tower of Power, which rocked the San Luis Valley.

We spent the night camping near this gorgeous, straw bale home, built by Micheal and Kathleen, who extended such gracious--and delicious--hospitality: kale chips, homemade crackersr and libations apres concert and vegan flax seed pancakes in the morning! We didn't want to leave.