Crocheted Cat Potholders

Now don't get all jealous. Of course you ant chenille cat potholders of your very own. Meow!

These were designed by the one and only Garlic Queen. She is the creatrix behind many crocheted wonders including these confections. Want a set of kitty hot pads for yourself? Email me and I'll hook you up with the GQ herself. I'm pretty sure she can be bribed.

Put a hat on

Being between large knitting projects is like being between novels. While searching for that next good book, you thumb through magazines, watch too much TV (especially this week when it's free!) and try to gin up games of Words With Friends. This is how reading keeps us from going off the rails.

It's the same with knitting. Without a good meaty project to keep idle hands occupied, one is apt to hit "add to cart" more times than is healthy and refresh Facebook too often and get into all kinds of mischief.

Like crochet. Between Lynn's fabulous afghan from Erika Knight's Simple Crochet and Rachael Oglesby's Crochet Boutique, I've been hooked in. The hat pictured above was worked between conference calls. I look like Ruth Buzzi (scroll down), but I think the intended recipient will wear it well.

What kind of mischief have you gotten yourself in?

More on rag balls

Imagine my delight when I dove into my paltry fabric stash to find...animal print!

Never mind that the fabric is what my friend Stephanie would call, "slickery." Never mind that it lacks body. Would that stop a pioneer woman? Or a Depression-era homemaker? I think not. She'd recycle the slippery stuff into a new dress or quilt or Sunday go-to-meeting blouse with nary a thought.

Truth be told, there's been some investment to accrue the necessary fabric for this project--from the Ross bed linens aisle. But the rest will come from project remnants. And maybe a long-targeted t-shirt or two from Mr. Nake-id's bureau.

(Wait, did I say that?)



Morning Pages: Vogue Knitting Crochet

I went to a writer's gathering last night and the speaker enjoined us, when thinking about magazine articles, to find our verb.

Is that a little like Stella and her groove? Especially for scribners of a certain age?

So in approaching today's post, bleery-eyed, I thought, fine: How 'bout "besotted." This post is besotted with the latest issue of Vogue Knitting dedicated entirely to crochet.

Featuring just about every crochet hook on the market as well as the latest news and pattern scoop, the issue showcases the work of Nicky Epstein (the Rose Duster will make you want to play hooky--for the next year--and stitch it right up), Kristin Omdahl (oh for the body to wear that dress!), Mari Lynn Patrick and more.

Definitely worth the price of admission for the eye candy alone. (Not to mention the trenchant book reviews, ahem.)

Knitting? Who's knitting?

Finished object: Crocheted Hemp Market Bag

I needed an emetic a palette cleanser after Grrrrrrreta. Something small, different and undemanding. With the weather trending warm and the farmer's markets about to start, I thought a market bag would be just the ticket.

Stash shopping produced some leftover hemp and a Ravelry search unearthed this pattern. Mine's slightly abridged, given the amount of yarn on hand. Don't you think it will cut a lovely swath through the market filled with beets and bristling with kale?

Happy shopping, everyone!